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Teaching your child the alphabet can seem like a tedious task! Those pesky 26 letters can seem daunting, and something that should be handled at school – but at what age should we really start teaching our children the alphabet?


3 seems to be the appropriate age of when the alphabet should be explored, studies have shown that between the stages of birth to five years, toddlers brains are highly impressionable. Furthermore, the brain’s ability to accept change decreases with age, making it more effective and easier to influence a toddlers developing brain with letters – then having to teach them when they’re older!


Remember, most children aren’t reading from the ages of 3 and 5 – simply learning to recognise letters and begin associating them with sounds. By visually showing your child the ABCs while repeating the letters, it allows them to use three different areas of the cortex to process the information – specifically the visual cortex.


However, don’t let science worry you! Don’t feel the pressure to begin teaching your children the alphabet straight away! While impressionable, many young children may reject the teaching, simply because it’s not interesting or fun to them. 


So here’s some top tips to simplify the teaching of the alphabet, and make it a fun experience for all involved!:


Introduce the alphabet and its main features to begin with – refrain from complicated terms, and even explain letters in terms of “big” and “tiny”.

Simply explain what letters are, how they make up the alphabet – start by teaching your child their name! This will make the alphabet appear personal to them, and show the importance of it within daily life.


Help your child make their own painted alphabet chart that allows you to explore a letter each week, listen to some fun alphabet songs or even a simple letter matching activity! Fun options can always be discovered with a quick google search.


Don’t concern yourself with the pressure of creating the next Einstein! You’ll understand your child better than anyone, there are always support networks to get you through teaching the ABCs.

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