Introducing our new product, a magnetic Fishing Game! This product is not only an amazing learning tool for toddlers, but also a fun game! Through this game, you and your child can explore alphabet games, which increase learning skills and cognitive skills. 

The visual aspect of the game allows children to see the letters and therefore words in front of them, by connecting the letters together, children can strengthen their reading and writing skills. More so, the use of the fishing pole allows children to strengthen their fine motor skills, navigating their way around the game and it’s contents! As Well as the benefits of developing skills, the game allows the involvement of the whole family. 

By playing with your children, you’re not only contributing to some beneficial family time, but also bonding with your child and making fun memories that last! We’ve created our product to involve bright, vibrant colours to not only attract your child, but to also highlight our depth of thought gone into our product. 

Our new toy isn’t only super fun, but is created using premium materials and made with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. We’ve created our product to use more durable materials than our competitors, ensuring they’ll be the best quality possible!  

Our new toy – a magnetic Fishing Game – can be found on Amazon, where you can find out more on our product and it’s benefits!