We’ve got a really cool project for you today, we tried this a short time ago and our kids loved it. There’s always something special about making a card from scratch, it says that you have taken the time to go out your way because that person means something to you. I got a handmade card from my daughter recently, and boy was I overwhelmed. So here’s a fabby idea on how to make birthday cards, easter cards, christmas cards, get well soon cards, any card you can think of!

You will need:

  • Stiff card
  • Ink, you can use brush and ink or a pen, whatever you have
  • Poster paint

Step 1 – Create yourself a blank card, there’s a lovely article over here at Spruce Crafts that shows you how to make different kinds

Step 2 – Using your ink pen, or brush and ink draw a design on your card, try to be loose with your hand, remember you want to put your own special stamp on the card

Step 3 – When the ink has dried pain over the top of it, in the image above we used fingers, q-tips/cotton buds, sponges they all give off different textures.

It’s very beneficial to let your children explore the different ways paint is applied, how many other items can you use to apply the paint to the card?

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